Google Reveals A Key Feature Of Nokia 8 Successor

Nokia 8 Successor

HMD is well-known for doing a decent job in terms of preventing major leaks from happening when it comes to the new products they are planning to introduce in the market. In 2018, the leaks were neither as bad as that of Google Pixel 3 nor of iPhone, but what happens if Google decides to come with an announcement ahead of time, spoiling the future launch plans of this smartphone maker? Recently, this is exactly what happened when the parent company of Android came up with an update on their list of ARCore platform supported devices which included a Nokia-branded smartphone Nokia 8.1 that the market is not even aware of.

There has not been any rumour at all about HMD releasing the Nokia 8.1 smartphone right from the start of this year. In fact, the rumours were about HMD launching either the Nokia 9 model or the one that sports the Penta-lens camera.

However, the fact that Google has included Nokia 8.1 smartphone in their official list of ARCore supported devices gives the market a feeling that HMD might be working on the 8.1 version in their lab. At this juncture, it is worth mentioning here that Nokia 8.1 has been removed from the list.

Although Google’s list does not provide any further details about Nokia 8.1, it indicates that the smartphone could be a successor to the Nokia 8.0 model that was released a year ago, marking the entry of HMD into making smartphones that cost more than Rs. 30,000. Incidentally, it seems as though that Nokia 8.1 will have a better set of features compared to that of Nokia 8 Sirocco which was launched at the beginning of this year.

It is, however, speculated that the Nokia X7 model that was introduced in China recently will make its entry into the Indian market along with HMD’s Nokia 7.1 Plus moniker as Nokia 8.1.

HMD has already introduced Nokia 7.1 in India. As per the naming scheme being followed by HMD, it is highly possible that Nokia 8.1 is likely to be the most powerful smartphone to be released by HMD till date.

At the end of it all, it is great to know that Nokia 8.1 will support the augmented reality platform of Google irrespective of when it will be released. The list from Google also mentions a few other Nokia smartphones such as Nokia 6 (2018) also referred to as Nokia 6.1 and 6.1 Plus, Nokia 7 Plus and 7.1, and Nokia 8 with Android 8.0 or higher) and Sirocco.

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